When it comes to choosing some form of entertainment for your event you can come across a plethora of options, especially if you are located in such a huge city like London. Let us tell you why you should consider choosing a caricaturist for any event in London.


Reason #1 – It’s different

Nowadays, you can’t do something without someone inevitably accusing you of copying them. Although you shouldn’t care about something like this, booking a caricaturist in London will make your event stand out.

Although other parties might have clowns or cover bands and whatnot, a caricaturist will bring a different style to your event, increasing its entertainment value and producing quite some worth of mouth going.


Reason #2 –  Caricatures mean fun at affordable prices

We all care about prices when we host an event, summing up every last affordable cent to make sure that our guests feel great. Choosing someone to draw caricatures for your event will be a great way to save your budget while not sacrificing an ounce of quality entertainment.


Reason #3 – Make an everlasting impression

As opposed to regular photographs, caricatures bring laughs or at least smiles. We take so many pictures now that we forget about a lot of them. If you really want to take an everlasting memory that you can frame and fit inside your home, then a caricature is really the way to go.


Reason #4 – Caricatures will engage your guests

If your guests see that someone is willing to make a portrait with them as the model, you will see crowds surrounding the poor caricaturist :). That’s because every one of us, deep down, wishes to be the center of attention at some point. And that’s okay, especially at a party with someone who’s there to immortalize exactly that wish.