Living in a big and crowded city like London can be tough. It is that kind of town where time flies at a crazy speed. Thousands of cars, millions of people, a lot of noise, stress.  

How can an artist perform his activity in such an environment? 


The schedule of a London caricaturist

Nothing unusual. The alarm starts ringing early in the morning. Of course, the all mighty 5 minutes more of sleep excuse. Breakfast, tea, coffee, reading the news. Preparing the outfit for the day and going out into the world.

The apex of the day is the process of working on new projects. Either for a client abroad or for a local event in London. 

As a general overview, a day in the life of a caricaturist passes as everyone else’s, generally speaking. The difference being that a caricaturist is in a constant process of searching for the muse of his/her next work. 


Where can a London caricaturist draw inspiration from? 

Everywhere. We mean it, it is all around the artist. What we see as chaos, boredom, nothing unusual, a lot of non-interesting faces, can be seen as models of inspiration by a good caricaturist.  


There is a secret about this quality. Imagine a pair of invisible glasses that can deform the world around. A caricaturist has this kind of glasses in his imagination. Sounds thrilling, right?


The reality is that London offers an enormous amount of options when talking about the possibility of creating caricatures, and a lot of motivation as well. A rainy and foggy city may not bring a lot of reasons to smile. Maybe that’s why the people in the UK are smiling so rarely. 


The noble mission of a caricaturist 


The same old question. How often do you smile a day? Some studies concluded that an average UK adult is smiling 11 times a day. For maintaining good mental health, this is far too few. 

There is a natural desire for an artist to create something that will inspire people towards something. For a caricaturist, that desire is to make people feel good about themselves and to make them smile more. 


As a final thought, consider a caricature artist a hero, especially those living in London, who thrive daily by allowing the people around them to find a reason to smile. Besides, if you celebrate something, or want to give a great present to someone, ask about a local caricaturist for your event. Caricatino!

Article written by DigitalPoint