Let me ask you a question. How often do you smile in a day? Statistically, it is estimated that children tend to smile 400 times a day, while an average person does so only 20 times. The difference is huge, indeed. And may you be aware of it or not, it is something that affects us all.

But how did we come to this? Well, as we tend to grow up, we start facing the reality of life more and more, with a whole bunch of responsibilities, duties, necessities, drama, stress and so on. At the individual level, it does affect your mood , the relationships with the people around you, and even your health negatively. At a bigger scale, it is something that divides our society and creates a lot of problems.

Solution? Smile more. 

How? Caricatures.

Add something original and new in your life that will make you smile more every single day, and that is a caricature.

If you did not know, the word caricature comes from Italian caricatura, “satirical picture; an exaggeration”. It is literally a picture which shows the features of a subject in an exaggerated manner through different artistic drawings.

The aim is to entertain and to capture the attention, and most importantly, to make you smile. Moreover, a caricature can be used to convey a message through a single drawing. Sometimes, a caricature manages to convey the message even better than thousands of words and speeches.

 It is simple, funny and captivating. It can fit perfect on your wall or your desk. It even can be a great gift for your friends, family, colleagues and every person to whom you want to make his day and life more cheerful and beautiful. 

Life is meant to be lived at full and to enjoy every single moment of it. A caricature surely has the power to put a smile on your face. Please yourself with one and smile. Do it often and do it wide.