Christmas is drawing near and because of this stress levels are maxing out all across the world. Are you having troubles with coming up with an idea for a gift? Caricatino offers you the chance to give someone you love a thoughtful gift this Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, go for something extraordinary

Christmas is a time loved by people all around the world, due to a lot of reasons. Snow, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas carols and so on, this time of year is filled with all kinds of habits and traditions which makes it a wonderful time for everyone. 

However, it is also the time when a lot of people go crazy trying to think about the ideal gifts for their loved ones. Lucky for you, Caricatino has something great to offer when it comes to gift ideas for Christmas.

Introducing caricatures as Christmas gifts

Caricatures are a great way to make someone smile, regardless of their mood. You can achieve this on the street or during an event. The best way to do it, though, especially during this special season, is to surprise them with a gift.

We offer you the possibility of choosing between a black & white and a coloured product, which we will base on a photo of your loved one. The result? A magnificent framed picture which will make your family smile forever.

Innovation and surprise work best when it comes to gifts

It’s unlikely that your special person will expect a caricature as a gift and that’s exactly why you should do it. Make them say ‘wow’ and smile as widely as possible with just a simple gesture.

Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you out. Remember, Caricatino is also available for events in London, so if you need a caricaturist for your event, let us know.

Article wrote by DigitalPoint.

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