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Events Caricaturist

Nowadays, almost all London events we celebrate (weddings, office parties, baptizes or private parties of other kinds) come with some sort of entertainment attached. We don’t know how it started but it definitely set a trend and now everybody does it. You’ve got to have entertainment for events in London.

Thing is, we bet that you are looking for something that will make your party stand out. Look no further, we have you covered. Introducing caricatures. What? Simple drawings you say? Think again. Getting caricatures for events means that people will stay in line to see their features exaggerated or their ‘flaws’ (although there’s no such thing) transformed into a beautiful piece of art.

Portraits have been popular ever since man picked up a brush. Our service guarantees that you will have a great time and your guests or co-workers will be stuck with treasured memories forever. All of this, thanks to the best caricaturist in London


Events Price list


2hrs Pack

£ 289
/ 2hrs
2 hrs of work

4hrs Pack

£ 489
/ 4 hrs
4 hrs of work

6hrs Pack

£ 689
/ 6 hrs
6 hrs of work
For your entire event!

Full Pack

£ 889
/ Full event
Full event

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