How often did you have a chance to get a caricature? Did you meet people a lot of time on the streets, events, all different meetings that proposed you something like that? It’s amazing how in a matter of a moment they can draw you in a funny, yet impressive manner. It’s a totally different experience. 

But did you get the chance to talk with the artist about his work? Like if he likes it, why is he doing it, how is he able to draw a caricature so fast and accurate and all kind of different topics that comes in your mind. Give it a shot next time, it’s worth it. Meanwhile, let’s try to discover and analyze some interesting facts about them. 

Most Caricature Artists are Self-Taught

Yes, it’s a true fact that there are not so many art schools that teach to caricature, respectively, it is also hard to find a mentor. In addition, caricature is a form of art that doesn’t require a lot of specialized training skills based on true facts, storytelling, body movement, like we see in the comics, for example. That’s why more often you’ll hear that a ” casalebada ” caricature artist started simply drawing people, adding some humor in the draw, or wanting to emphasize a specific trait. Also, that he saw somebody doing it and decided to try.

A Caricature Artist Doesn’t Want to Make Fun out of You

If you think that you give money just to see a “hideous”, “not so funny” draw, then try to think outside the box and listen to the artist. Yes, you may find it with exaggerated features, or distorted face, anything in this manner. However, an artist is not looking to make your nose bigger, your eyes, or your ears looking strange. First of all, he is examining you as a person, trying to put your personality on the paper. Secondly,the aim is to make you smile, to feel good about it. So let that grumpy face next time and put a smile on your face when you get a caricature.

The Speed of Their Work is Out of This World

When there is a wedding, or a crowded place waiting for their portrait, there is not so much time you can dedicate to a specific person. Maybe you’ll be surprised, but a great artist can draw a black-and-white caricature in 2-3 minutes. How are they doing it? It is more related to an unbelievable sense of feeling how a person is in an instant. It’s a deal of the instincts to understand in a moment if a person is more calm, or crazy, energetic,more serious and so on. Then, the technique comes in to present these traits as quickly as possible.

Secret Messages

Maybe you see it, but the majority of people will not even notice the hidden message that a caricature artist can add to the portrait. Most of the time, this message is the specific and creative signature of the artist. It may be a tiny detail, some dots, lines that create a puzzle, there are literally millions of ways they can do it.

People are in an Active Search for a Caricature Artist

If talking about the most important moments of our lives, we really want to make them be amazingly. Usually, the photo and video services are the most asked. But if you want something unusual and original, you can adres to a caricature artist. Not just they will add some fun to the event and make your guests feel good, but they have this power of humor that can’t be transmitted with a camera. 

These were just 5 curiosities about caricature artists. But there are a lot more, so get yourself a caricature, while chatting a bit with the artist. Believe me, it’s a whole new experience to listen to them, their background, ideas about life, their work, and, who knows, maybe you’ll start drawing for yourself, or at least making a new friend.
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