Being a caricature artist involves using a lot of colours in their work. It’s not just about the specific colours that you can use, but more of combining them and integrating them in a harmonious way into the final composition. The balance is the most important. Not too much, neither less of the right colours. 

Today we’ll talk about some of the craziest facts and curiosities about colours. It will blow out your mind. Are you ready for them? Let’s hop into it. 

Number 1: What is the most prefered colour? 

You may guess it right, as there is a 23-34% chance that it is your most prefered colour too. We talk about the colour blue. Some surveys conducted worldwide show that among most of the countries the colour blue is the most popular, way ahead of the others. 

Why? There are no specific reasons to explain this fact. It may be due to the association we make with the clear sky, that defines good weather and air quality. As one of the sources of life, the colour of the bodies of water is also blue.

Number 2: The power of colour red

The colour blue may be the most popular among people. But let’s not underestimate the influence of the colour red in our life. 

First of all, men are more attracted to women dressed in red. Among some studies, male subjects had to answer to photographs of women dressed in different colours. The result? As expected, the women dressed in red were viewed as more attractive.

Secondly, red is associated with the colours of winners. If we take a look at the results of different sporting events, the competitors dressed in red were more likely to win. 

Thirdly, equally with the colour yellow, red triggers the appetite of a person. Known as the “Ketchup and Mustard Theory”, you can find the combination of red and yellow in the design of a whole bunch of eateries. Take a look at the design from McDonald’s, for example.

Number 3: Colours make you remember better than black & white

You can experiment it on your friends or family. Give them several photographs, let’s say 50, half of which are in colour and the other half in black & white. Let them look through them once. After that, show them 50 additional pictures and ask them to show which they had seen in the photographs. 

Results should be in favour of the coloured ones, and that is because colours increase the attention level and memory performance. 

These were a few facts about colours. But the science behind it reveals a lot more. We should be more conscious of how lucky we are that the human eye can see the world in colours. 

By the way, next time you see a caricature artist, pay close attention to him, and you’ll discover that in the chaotic movement of his hands there is an entire process of creating perfect balance from the lines and the colours he puts on paper. 

Article wrote by DigitalPoint